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Do you have excessive monthly utility bills? How about monitoring, tracking, graphing and accounting for your monthly energy expense? How about cost recovery of your energy expenses in your mixed use building including Electricity, Gas, Water, Steam and BTU? Did you know that submetering qualifies you for LEED points?


Taymac Extra Duty – brings you what has changed in the NATIONAL ELECTRICAL CODE 2014 EDITION 406.9 Receptacles in Damp or Wet Locations. (A) Damp Locations. A receptacle installed outdoors in a location protected from the weather or in other damp locations shall have an enclosure for the receptacle that is weatherproof when thereceptacle is covered (attachment plug cap not inserted and receptacle covers closed).An installation suitable for wet locations shall also be considered suitable for damp locations.A receptacle shall be considered to be in a location protected from the weather where located under roofed open porches, canopies, marquees, and the like, and will not be subjected to a beating rain or water runoff. All 15- and 20-ampere, 125- and 250-volt nonlocking receptacles shall be a listed weather- resistant type. Informational Note: The types of receptacles covered by this requirement are identified as 5-15, 5-20, 6-15, and 6-20 in ANSI/NEMA WD 6-2002, National Electrical Manufacturers Association Standard for Dimensions of Attachment Plugs and Receptacles (B) Wet Locations. (1) Receptacles of 15 and 20 Amperes in a Wet Location. 15- and 20-ampere, 125- and 250-volt receptacles installed in a wet location shall have an enclosure that is weatherproof whether or not the attachment plug cap is inserted. An outletbox hood installed for this purpose shall be listed and shall be identified as “extra-duty.” All 15- and 20- ampere, 125- and 250-volt nonlocking-type receptacles shall be listed weather- resistant type. Informational Note No. 1: Requirements for extra-duty outlet box hoods are found in ANSI/UL 514D-2000, Cover Plates for Flush- Mounted Wiring Devices.
Informational Note No. 2: The types of receptacles covered by this requirement are identified as 5-15, 5-20, 6-15, and 6-20 in ANSI/NEMA WD 6-2002, National Electrical Manufacturers Association Standard for Dimensions of Attachment Plugs and Receptacles. Exception: 15- and 20-ampere, 125- through 250-volt receptacles installed in a wet location and subject to routine high-pressure spray washing shall be permitted to have an enclosure that is weatherproof when the attachment plug is removed. What does this mean? All Covers installed in a Wet Location that are using a 15 or 20 amp receptacle must use a  While-In-Use cover and must meet “Extra Duty”.


ERICSON MANUFACTURINGCOMPANY  Made in the USA  Anti-microbial Plugs and Connectors.
FEATURES:• ULListed• Patent Pending• InhibitsGrowth of Bacteria,Molds,Mildews and Fungi• Escherichia ( E.Coli ):
Log Reduction > 4.8 reducessurface bacteria by > 99.99%• Staphylococcus( Staph), MRSA:
Log Reduction > 3.9 reducessurface bacteria by > 99.98%

• RoHSCompliant (Non-Halogenated)

• Anti-microbial AdditivesEmbedded in Polymer

• Anti-microbial Additive Resistant to Scuffing and Cleaning

• Independently Tested and Certified

• Resistant to High Pressure Hose-down

• Tongue & Groove Environmental Sealing

• Keyed Body and Cover for Alignment

NEMAType 4,4X,6,6Pand IP67 Protection  Ericson’s Perma-Kleen™ Anti-microbial Wiring Devices provide a new and innovative approach to controlling microbial growth by incorporating anti-microbial additives that remain stored in the polymer providing continual, long lasting protection. Inhibiting the growth of harmful and potentially deadly microbial contamination can finally be achieved 24/7 utilizing Ericson’s revolutionary embedded anti-microbial protection.Embedded Anti-microbial additives are resistant to high pressure hose-down and continue to inhibit the  growth of bacteria, mold, mildew and fungi, even when nicked or scraped, as additional anti-microbial additives bloom to the surface. This is not a surface treatment. Micro-organism growth is inhibited, and after a short period of time, they can no longer be measured by standard laboratory equipment.Perma-Kleen™ Anti-microbial Wiring Devices deliver exceptional protection against microbial growth even on hidden, hard to clean surfaces. Independent testing reveals the ability of these devices to inhibit the growth of Escherichia coli, Gram (-) and Staphylococcus aureus, Gram (+) delivering long lasting benefits to manufacturers beyond traditional cleaning methods. Ideal for new or existing installations, these cost effective solutions deliver unparalleled confidence and peace of mind from knowing that every possible step has been taken to protect consumers. Perma-Kleen Anti-microbial Wiring Devices are ideal for a wide range of applications  including Poultry Processing • Seafood Processing • Meat Processing• Pharmaceutical Processing • Food Processing.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    ERICSON ERICSON MANUFACTURING COMPANY
4215 Hamann Parkway Willoughby,Ohio 44094 U.S.A
Toll Free:1-800-ERICSON (374-2766) • Phone:(440)951-8000 • Fax:(440)951-1867 •


E-Mon News Release-The Multi-Mon is a multiple branch circuit energy monitor that collects granular energy intelligence data for tenant billing, cost allocation and energy management. The device can accommodate up to 36 submetering points, giving total flexibility for configuration of up to 36 single-phase, 18 two-phase, 12 three-phase or any combination thereof. The Multi-Mon is ideal for submetering applications in apartment buildings, multi-tenant commercial buildings, institutions, data centers and more. Electric Submeter Features• Multi-Mon is a three-phase, multi-channel, multi-function Ampere/Volt demand meter suitable for use in single-phase and multi-phase applications.• Multi-channel submetering – Up to 36 single-phase, 18 two-phase or 12 three-phase submeters in a single, compact device. Any combination of single-, two- and/or three-phase loads can be monitored up to a total of 36 current inputs.• 2-row, 16-character backlit LCD display for easy set-up and programming.• Data recorders; programmable periodical data logs separate for each submetered point. Embedded programmable controller (4 control setpoints, programmable thresholds and delays) separate for each metered point. Event recorder for logging internal diagnostic events and setpoint operations.• Time-Of-Use, 4 energy/demand registers x 4 tariffs, 4 seasons x 4 types of days, 8 tariff changes per day, easy programmable tariff schedule.• Compatible with E-Mon Energy software via EZ7 protocol for automatic meter reading, energy billing and profiling.•  Supplied with Power Software for meter set up and power quality analysis.• Current sensors available in both split & solid-core configurations for increased flexibility in installation. Current sensor leads can be extended up to 500 feet for remote installation. (Current sensors ordered separately. See Multi-Mon current sensor spec for details.)Communication Options:
– Modbus RTU via RS-485 communication (standard)
– Modbus TCP/IP via Ethernet (optional)


                                                                                                                    The PowerSmart+ Advanced power quality meter is a multi-function power meter combined with a power quality analyzer. The meter has extensive memory and data logging capability to support full harmonic analysis and waveform recording. The device can be integrated into panel boards or provided in a stand-alone enclosure. Flexible communication options include RS-485 and Ethernet for remote visualization. The PowerSmart+ Advanced meter is ideal for power quality analysis & recording of harmonics, spikes, sags, swell, etc. of specific critical loads to an entire building.


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With over 40 years of industry experience, Northeast Marketing Group, LLC is focused on providing high-quality, cost-effective electrical products and solutions to commercial, industrial, multi-family, governmental and institutional customers in the 6 New England states by driving business to the end user by selling through a network of stocking distributors. Our team is dedicated and determined to provide quality, cost-effective solutions for your electrical needs.


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