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Flexible Metallic Conduit, Liquid Tight Fittings, Industrial Hose, Firetech high-temp accessories
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Industrial, Commercial, Institutional & Residential electrical products
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American Made. Double-Insulated 1000 Volt Tools & PPE. Glove testing & certification
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Innovative, Clean, Energy Efficient solutions for ventilation systems.

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Easy to install reliable heating products. Snow Melt, Floor Warming, Roof and Gutter + Design Capabilities
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Sub-Metering & Energy Monitoring Systems (Electric, Gas, Water & BTU) Software for local or remote access to data. New and Legacy product support and sales.
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Portable, Temporary Power & Lighting Solutions. Layouts, Engineered solutions Variety of Electrical products with safety focus
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Smart thermostat for electric heating and cooling. Baseboard, in-floor, mini-splits, ac units and more. Easy & fast compatibility check.
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Cable Bus systems and solutions, tap boxes & enclosures.
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Steel, Nonmetallic, Weatherproof & While-in-use Boxes, Covers, Fittings, Innovative products & more.
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Total Power Quality Solutions, surge suppression, UPS, Active tracking filters, Power Supplies. Free Standing and Din Rail Mounted
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Versabar is the newest company to join the Ideal Tridon Group. The company manufactures metal framing and steel components including stainless steel, hot-dipped galvanized, hot-rolled, and zinc plate. 

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World Class Electrical Enclosures.
Commercial & Industrial
NEMA, Non-Metallic, Stainless, Modified, & Specials